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Friday, November 25, 2011

tool 9

It is so important to tie technology into the objectives we teach. Each year technology advances more and more. When I was in Elementary school we used computers for playing Oregon Trail in black and green. Now you cannot get through a day or find a job without technology skills. It is so important for the next generation of students to have tech skills so they can compete with other students. Students must be accountable so they stay on task and know that you will be checking their work. I loved the thinkfinity website. Right away I found many math and language arts websites that I could use for extensions and stations. I loved the one where students got to create a book cover. They could do this to publish their work in writers workshop or extend a story by creating a new cover and giving it a new title. I also liked "learning games for kids". I thought it was neat they had typing practice. This is something that is not necessarily in our curriculum, but something the kids could use practice in. Most of them just "peck" the keys and this would help increase their speed. As far as apps, I can tell that alot of the letter tracing and matching apps would be great for my students that do not know all their letters and sounds.

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