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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tool 11 - final reflection and thoughts

Some of my favorite tools are animoto and and resources for ipod/ipad apps. I was wondering what I would actually do with the ipod in my classroom, and the idea that SBISD gave are great. Now I am excited to get the ipods. Also, I was trying to think of a way to share the pictures of the projects that we make throughout the year with parents without having to constantly print them. I love the idea of animoto because the students can create the movie and then I can share with the parents via email, saving ME time and money! This year my view on what a classroom should look like has changed alot. I often have students working on different things, using different resources and technology all at the same time. I thought that it would be chaos, but with proper guidance, modeling and expectations it is very do-able, even in 1st grade. I consider myself pretty web-savy, but did learn some new tools while going through the 11 tools.


  1. Technology certainly does save time, money and paper. It is at your fingertips and sending things to parents or others do not require a lot of preparation. Also you don't have to wonder if the student delivered the message or information because parents are receiving a response directly from you.

  2. Amanda,
    Congrats on completing your 11 tools blog. Please take the assessment and your 11 tools will be complete.